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100% in 2019 – #Realtor Goals

Even though it is the first full week of our new year, 2019, it kinda feels like we have been plugging along for a couple weeks now.  Well, at least in our office.  Maybe it’s because our theme/resolution for this year is summed up in one word, #more.  And with that means we busted out the gate and increased on what we do in our business, community, content and career as a whole.  For me, it’s a year of “more”.  To expand and grow as a person, as a company, and as a brand.  To help real estate agent achieve more and become more successful not only at Eagle Realty, but no matter where they work locally or across the country.  My goal is to go 100%, whats yours?

You see, i think it is important to really be all in.  Like 100% all in when it comes to your real estate career.  You can hear on the latest episode of 90 Seconds For Your Real Estate Career on amazon’s alexa flash briefing section that i talk about truly declaring if you are still passionate or not in your real estate career.  If you’re not, then get out of the way for those who are.  Life is too short, and your career hours of your life too long for you to waste on something that you are not all in on.  Why make yourself miserable?  Pursue your passion, and if it is not real estate as a career, find what it is.

It could be related to real estate.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t have to be a major switch in career.  This may be just a situation where you are not meant to be “the” Realtor.  Maybe your roll just needs to change.  Maybe there are aspects to branding and marketing you love, or administration office organization that you excel at.  Maybe you are good with people and not paperwork.  Discovering not only your true talents, but aligning them with your passion will increase your happiness exponentially.  But dont just realize it, put it into action!

Whatever your real estate career or pursuit is, go 100% in 2019!  You owe it to yourself, and those you work with and clients you serve! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa