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830 Hours In Your #2018 Real Estate Career

That actually kind of sounds like a lot of time for us as Realtors.  You can do a ton with 830 hours.  But since a close to a 1/3 of that is sleeping, throw in the christmas decorating and parties, time with the family, eating, ….more eating….how much time do you really have?  Your 2018 real estate year is winding down to a close, and I hope you dont take the next 830 hours off.  These next 830 hours are so important not only for this year, but for your real estate career in #2019.  How will you spend them?

I think a lot of you, as Realtors, are already realizing how you crushed 2018, but may be apprehensive about 2019.  Will there be a big slow down?  Will interest rate increases scare buyers?  Will inventory overflow and prices level off?  While these things are industry factors, they should not scare you to the point of non-action.  These are not paralyzing things, just natural ebb and flow of our real estate market and career.  What you need to focus on is your differentiating service and your utmost expertise as a Realtor.  How can you help your clients and future clients?  What value do you bring to them and the real estate process?  These are the real things to focus on for the next 830 hours, and not only strategize, but also execute.  Here are some suggestions for how to spend the next 830 hours of 2018:

  • Contact and touch base with every client and lead from the past year
  • Connect (cards, face to face, social) with every client you have sold real estate to
  • Review your 2019 business plan and goals (should already be done) and tweak anything that needs to be shifted
  • start your 1st quarter marketing (you can schedule things, order things, don’t wait – do it now!)
  • Start putting into practice your 2019 content strategy in 2018 – to get in the habit of #morecontent
  • Review your current brokerage “climate” – are you at the right spot to keep growing your career? (maybe grab lunch or coffee with some brokers to hear options)
  • Do Good – don’t forget the time of the year – find ways to serve and help others.

Your last 830 hours of real estate for 2018 could be your best of the year!  Remember, it’s not just for this year, but really it’s the start of your best year ever in 2019…if you do it right 🙂 – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa