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One thing i hear Tom Ferry say a lot (maybe on of his favorite phrases especially at the end of the year) is “what got you here won’t get you there.”  Meaning, to get bigger, better results or reach new goals, you can’t do the same things the exact same way that got you to this point.  One definition of insanity goes, “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”  I think we all realize this on some level, but routines, budgets, habits, tradition – all these are hard things to break.

I imagine a solution can look more like this: instead of changing to a new path, how about change your current path?  Many people may thing they need a whole new path and different direction.  In fact, i have said that before, but really you need to hear the context.  If you are in Real Estate and wanting to continue a career with an upward trajectory of success, then you are probably on the “right path”…but maybe your path needs enhanced.  You are probably doing things that have grown your success tot his point, and now to get to that next level, you need to not necessarily change what you are doing, but rather grow what you are doing.

Imagine a rope bridge that works to get you from A to B…but you reconstruct a more permanent suspension bridge – wider, sturdier, and able to hold more traffic going from point A to B?  That is a more accurate depiction of taking your business on a new path…not to change everything you are doing, but rather enhance it with more budget, more time, more focus, more energy, more marketing and branding, more team members, more commissions.  We want to see your Real Estate career path become more of a highway….if that’s how much you want your career to grow.  Your success matters to us, no matter how you define success for you.