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I grew up in the wonderful late 1980’s and the early 1990’s. The hub of home video game console entertainment systems being the central focus of every teenagers evening entertainment. The original NES, Nintendo Gameboy, rival Sega Genesis, then the introduction of PlayStation and the many versions of Nintendo gaming that came after that. Maybe i am getting nostalgic with Christmas time and the release of the NES Plug & Play system that was just released (that i can’t seem to find anywhere!!) – but i digress.

Do you know the greatest thing about the RESET button on any game system? It’s that even though you hit and you have to star the whole game over, you don’t lose the knowledge (as the player) of how to get back to where you were. You can get there better, stronger, enhanced, with more lives, because the knowledge and skills to get to your last point are still there, and now you can apply what you have learned to get to where you were even better so you can go further than last time. Do you see where I’m going with this?

In your real estate career, sometimes a “RESET” or “Re-Start” is needed in your career. This doesn’t mean starting at ZERO with nothing: no knowledge, skills, clients, farming skills, sales experience. It simply means a fresh start where you take everything you have that got you to the ceiling of where you were, and you climb back to where you were but arriving in not only a better position than before, but now with the ability to take your career farther than you could before. That’s what Eagle Realty as a real estate company is set up to do for experience agents. We Allow you to RE-START your career without starting over.
So overtime you see your kids (or any kid) playing a gaming system…or a commercial on TV with the latest VR Tech system from Sony or Xbox One, remember this about your career….there is always opportunity for you to LEVEL-UP your career as a realtor. – careers