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Here we are a week away from Christmas day and a real estate agent, sometimes our lists to santa don’t really contain what we need.  Well, maybe they do, but our realtor christmas list may need some upgrades to help our business thrive in 2019.  What’s on your Realtor christmas list?  Di you ask for things that will grow your real estate business or just a new tie?  Well, i have complied a list of items that i believe can help your be more successful in real estate this coming year, plus are just a whole lot of fun!!  Real Estate agents needs the right tool to succeed and here are some of the best!

  1. ask for a videographer – or the next best thing, the DJI Osmo Pocket.  This tiny little camera is perfect for walk through video tours, selfie vlogging, picture taking and editing.  Plugs right into your phone and portable and affordable.  Learn more here –
  2. go wireless – Airpods that is – if you are still connected to wires…or dont use ear buds at all, you are losing out on massive productive work time while you hold a phone to your ear.  And this isn’t just old school dorky looking bluetooth.  This is apple sleek designed Airpods – and your life and work will get better i guarantee!!   Increase work flow while multi-tasking – in fact i am on the phone write now as i type this blog!
  3. Santa, can I Hear my voice on Alexa? – use to create your own Flash Briefing skills, podcast hosting, and coming soon your own Custom Skill on Alexa!  The voice space is a platform you need to be on to continue to build your real estate brand, don’t wait! (you should probably own an Alexa device by the way 🙂
  4. Bottle of Wine – yes please.  Your work day ends at some point, might as well be ready!h â€“ Career â€“ Chris Ward BIC Page â€“ Alexa