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In Myrtle Beach we have 2 pretty good sized ferris wheels.  One is on ocean blvd. on the boardwalk, and the other is at Broadway at the Beach.  They are fun, but every time I see them I am reminded of how great they are as a metaphor for business.  Actually, you could create a ton of different metaphors with that ride at the center of them, but the main one that comes to mind for me is #realestate related.  Let’s see if you can guess where I am going with this one.

Up and down, and round and round you go.  Going upward with anticipation to reach the top, only to get there and start your decent to the bottom again.  A cycle if you will.  And did you ever notice you don’t go anywhere?  Sure, you may see some new things each cycle upward, but its a farce to trick your mind like you are somewhere new when really you are back where you just were not long ago.  Do you ever feel like your real estate is stuck on a ferris wheel cycle?  Big ups and downs, but never really taking you anywhere different?  Sometimes you feel like you reached a new destination or a new height, but really you just think that way because you come out of a down cycle.  You may have done this over the course of your career, every year, or maybe every month.   A cycle of ups and downs and never any growth or progress.

Too many Realtors get stuck on this cycle.  Breaking it is not easy, and the first step is realizing you’re on it, then getting off the ride.  This may mean breaking routines or patterns.  It may also mean switching to a new ride “aka” a new company.  Or it could mean a total change in career.  You could create a new business plan and strategy, or you could step into the new century in the real estate industry and have to change some old habits.  No matter how you look at it, change is necessary or you will just keep going through the same cycle and motions with no growth or new destination in sight.

Im not saying there aren’t ups and downs in real estate.  The industry and market is actually very cyclical.  But i would rather hike mountains with valleys and peaks, but always moving forward to somewhere new vs.  staying on a repeat pattern of getting no where. That may not be you.  You may like your comfort zone.  Maybe you are ok with the ferris wheel and don’t want to explore what potential could be out there for something more.  But if you want to step off the ride, then let’s talk. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa