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Are You A #Realtor Imposter?

There is a lot of way i could go with that kind of title for our real estate career blog.  I think most real estate agents in our industry would talk about part-time agents or maybe non-Realtor sales agents.  Many Realtor’s think they tarnish our industry and give it a bad name based on their non-commitment to the career of real estate or fly by night type deals that may not be totally above board.  I have come to believe that it is not the hours worked but rather the mentality of an agent that makes them full-time career or not.  They may have a passion and pursuit of real estate but still need that part time job hustle to keep feeding themselves.  And i have worked with non-MLS & non-Realtor agents in our state that have been great to work with and partner with on deals.  The lesson is not to be too quick to judge, but run your course with passion.  But those are not the people I am referring to.

I could talk about the technology that has hit the market as online, basically robot transaction facilitators.  Online platforms facilitating real estate transactions, or getting ready to.  Zillow, Amazon, Red Door, and others that are coming down the pipeline.  Will blockchain re-create a real estate process to hours instead of a month?  The future is somewhat hard to predict.  And while the real estate industry evolves, that should tell Realtor’s that they need to as well.  We adapt the value we provide to transaction and go above and beyond in service to create a stress free purchase or selling transaction for our clients.  But these are not imposters I am referring to either.

When i think of Realtor imposters, my mind goes to those who are in the wrong career and for the wrong reasons.  Those in for a quick dollar or they think it is easy.  Those who want to be fed every lead and have their hand held every day.  I think of Realtors who constantly complain about every lead, client, vendor, and fellow realtor or company.  I think of those so stressed out by their day to day they are miserable and miserable to be around.  Yes, those Realtors.  I call them imposters.  The difference between someone i think is right for the Real Estate industry as a career and those who are imposters is this understanding:  You are a business owner and operator, and you love doing it!  It’s that simple.  Will their be bad and stressful days, yes.  But it is outweighed by the joy you have working with clients and other Realtors.  Are 97% of internet leads not going to convert to a sale – statistically yes.  But, you are focused on the 3% that do (and become clients for life and refer and repeat in more business!)  Is there money to be made without a ceiling?  Yes, but thats not the BIG why for what we do – we love this business and the fact we help clients with the biggest transactions of their lives.

So the question remains as we move into 2019 – are you a Realtor imposter?  if so – please, give it up. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa