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Are You Building Your Real Estate brand or Their’s?

I know there are many of you that are about to say “both”!  I am assuming you are broker’s and manager’s from franchise real estate companies.  I appreciation your defense mechanism to guard that an agent can build both, but let’s be honest.  When a franchise wants to really grow and keep it’s name out there, it has to have a collective mentality and all agents must buy into that culture.  I get it.  There is nothing wrong with that as a realtor or broker.  In fact, don’t take this question the wrong way.  It’s not that there is a right answer and a wrong answer.  It’s really choice.

I actually can see the value in building the collective name of a company.  And if everyone buys into the culture of that, and buys into the company #brand, then it can a beautiful thing.  But, the alternative has beauty too.  There are some advantages of building YOUR brand as a Realtor of real estate team on your won as well.  While i see value on both sides, obviously as an independent brokerage (Eagle Realty in North Myrtle Beach) i lean toward the value i see in building your own brand.

Why?  Because i see the long term value of growing a successful real estate business being one that can stand alone and not dependent on a “parent” company.  I also see value in the ability to find the right fit (company/brokerage) wise to affiliate with without hurting, or, re-starting your business when you make the move.  I also lean heavily into the freedom of creating your brand, the creativity and the dependence your clients put on you as their real estate professional, not your company.

While a real estate brokerage and company can be a huge backbone and support system to help you grow your business, it’s still YOUR business.  I believe (personally, me Chris Ward, BIC) that your greatest ability to be successful lies in creating a real estate brand individually (or as a team) that has a company that resources and supports your goals for success.  That’s the real difference in building your #brand or their’s. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa