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Becoming More Self Aware, Knowing Your Strengths & Weaknesses, Can Only Help You In The Long Run

What are you good at?  In your real estate business, what do you really thrive at?  Marketing, sales, communication with clients, buyer relationship, post-closing strategy and follow-up?  What are the things you not only are great at, but enjoy doing?  Those questions may be easier than really being truthful about the latter.  What are you bad at?  What do you dread doing because whenever you do it, that thing never turns out well?  Is it metrics tracking, open houses, lead follow-up, listing appointments?

The tough part for most people, and believe it or not Realtors, is admitting and recognizing their weaknesses.  And more than that, trying to figure out how to improve them.  But should we improve them?  Or do we take the next step in realizing that maybe we should focus more on our strengths while figuring out how to supplement our weaknesses with people or tools that are better at it than we are.

The message is simple but the execution may take a little time.  In this moment you need to take stock of your real estate business and figure out your strengths and weaknesses.  Not of your business itself, but of you.  As a Realtor, take an honest assessment of YOU.  When you are really self-aware, knowing your talent and where you need help, your business will only thrive in the long run. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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