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Being A #Realtor At The Beach

It’s exactly the middle of summer here in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  I was recording the #vlog the other day ( see more here )  and I was asked about living and working here.  It made me think for a second…i can’t imagine it any better.  Being in #realestate is great within and of itself, but being here at the beach and living here is even better!  Being a realtor at the beach may just be the greatest career choice ever.

I know like 4000 plus people agree with me in Horry County, at least at some level.  We have a good amount of realtors here at the beach and for good reason.  But also, not only is the lifestyle and career style the best, but business success wise it can make perfect sense.  Let me give you a run down of some of the top reasons in my not so humble opinion.

  1.  Beach living makes sense – you can flip the vacation switch whenever you want (as long as you know how to turn it off too – realtors need to learn this for sure).
  2. Beach living is cost effective – at least in Myrtle Beach, SC
  3. You client base is so much bigger than the local market – to be a successful realtor here you realize you have the opportunity to connect with buyers and sellers all over the country, giving you the ability to grow your business in new ways and different from traditional real estate mindsets.
  4. Mixing a career with unlimited earning and unlimited freedom in growth with a vacation hot spot and lifestyle make for a pretty great life – but you have to want it and love it!

Do what you love, do what you love with passion, and if you are a Realtor (especially in north myrtle beach) dont take it for granted! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa