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I think if you are negative about your career or industry on a daily basis you will eventually break down and sabotage your own career.  Or at the very least, make yourself and those around you just un-happy most of the time, which is no fun as well.  Why stay in a career or job that you can’t stand?  I recently talked with an agent who seemed so stressed out and frustrated with real estate and the people involved that I told her for her sanity and mental/physical health maybe a change was needed?  Of course that annoyed her, and wondered why?  Why continue to dig a hole for yourself to be buried in?  That is true torture.

But, what i tend to stand on is knowing upfront that there is bad (or the potential for it) in everything in.  But i also know there will be good.  By having the foreknowledge of the reality of bad leads, bad clients, bad deals, bad circumstances, bad luck, bad markets, etc. in real estate, I am already prepared for it, and thus it has a less reactionary effect on me.  But, it makes me appreciate the “good” clients, deals, markets, circumstances, luck, and realtors all the more because I know that exists too.  And i choose to put my focus and effort toward that instead of the latter.

It’s not all roses and cupcakes by a long shot in your real estate career.  The goal is to know that upfront, and then make the decision to move forward or not.  If you can’t handle the bad while believing for the good, this may not be the career for you.  But, in reality, then no career is for you.  This is life.  You can choose to put your focus on positive or negative, but for me as a real estate professional, i will choose the good.  And even if all else fails, and everything seems “bad”.  And there is no good in sight.  Read my graphic again…… “Be The Good – In Real Estate” – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa