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Build Your Real Estate Business

This may seem like the most boring or *duh title of a blog ever.  Especially my #blogs as I am usually quite crafty and clever if I do say so myself when it comes to titles.  Well, maybe.  But this particular post may mean a little more than what meets the eye.  We all know we are trying to build a successful #realestate business.  I would hope that if you aren’t trying to be a success, no matter how you define it (we will get to that part in a second) that you consider a different career choice where you are more happy and motivated.  In addition, Building your Real Estate Business takes a key factor that most people forget or neglect to do.  They may not even realize that they are hurting their business success by doing this one thing.  What is it?

When you build something is your focus on everything around the project, or the project itself?  When you create your plans, are you creating your plan based on what your competitor across the street is saying and doing?  My point is that there are many times we don’t or wouldn’t take into account someone outside of our company or team’s point of view.  And yet we run a lot of our day to day decision making about how we grow our business based on outside opinion or criticism.  On another spectrum, we build our businesses based on trying grow by tearing others down.  The 2 schools of thought is that you can be the biggest building by focusing on growing your building to tallest, or tearing the buildings around you down to be the tallest by default.  If you want lasting success in real estate, whether you are a company or individual, focusing on becoming the best will always yield you more in the long run than trying to tear others down.

In that same school of thought, too much focus on your competition, or the negative opinions of others can ultimately delay your success – maybe even permanently – just as much as the wrong focus when building your real estate business.  Here is the thing, it’s not how you are defining your success as a Realtor, it when you let others define it for you that you can get into trouble.  Your success is your plan, not someone else’s.  Too much effort comparing or being told what you are trying to achieve is “wrong” can be a poison that cripples you from ever moving forward and growing your success.  Maybe even from starting your success.  Don’t be paralyzed from building your own building – not some else’s and not by someone else’s plan or opinion.