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Business Owner vs. Employee

You have heard it so much before but it bears repeating….or at least needs to serve as a reminder:  As a Realtor, you ARE a business owner.  Plain and simple.  You must maintain the perspective and see everything you do in your career through the lens of the truth that you own your own business when it comes to real estate.  To choose this career is to choose to run your own business.  Of course you have a company your license hangs with and you have a wonderful broker in charge and/or manager for your needs and to resource you.  But in most cases, they are at your disposal in such a way that should be an augment to your business strategy and career.  Your success should not depend on them or the name of your franchise or company…in fact it should be quite the other way around.

A couple tips that i want to remind Realtors to think of since they (you) are in fact a business owner:

  1. Metrics/Data/Analytics – you must track everything.  Appointments, conversions, marketing success, facebook ads, cold calls, etc.  Implement, track, analyze, adjust, repeat.
  2. Taxes – run your accounting like a business.  Expense reports, deductions, spending, income – organize and keep accurate records in an easy way for your CPA.
  3. Branding/Marketing – your are your brand even when you are with a franchise.  You cant rely only on the marketing of your real estate firm – you have to strategize for your listings, your farming, your branding, etc.  Create, build relative content, use video, FB ads, social platforms, be native, be local, be truthful, and be you.  Your name and expertise IS the face of your business – and Real Estate is your product and – Real Estate Careers