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Career Blog Series – Go On The Offensive in 2017 – Eagle Realty – Chris Ward

In 2017 Go On The Offensive
This is that transition time of year from football to basketball. I’m a huge UK Basketball fan, though I love Ohio State Football. From a professional level, my home town is Chicago, so Da Bears and Da Bulls. There is a saying that “defense wins championships”. I think that can apply to all sports – but defense just isn’t as fun to watch as great offense. Of course, you know when defense is just as fun to watch? When the defense scores!! So offense still is the win. And no wins in a 0-0 game…someone has to score to win.
What does that have to do real estate you ask? A ton! Especially as we kick off the year. Many people will get a slow start. Or play defense with their budget, time and effort. Most will think they have all year to get going. But those that win know that you have to get started months ago (yes i meant to write it that way). The start of 2017 or any new year is actually initiated at the end of the previous. You have plan and strategy that you hit the ground running with. You don’t wait till January to come up with your offense for the year in real estate, you come out swinging.
In our current real estate market in north myrtle beach, this is consider our “slow” season from a sales perspective. But that doesn’t mean sales don’t exist. As a Realtor, you also should be able to see that its been a busier than normal winter for real estate sales – is that you? Are you the one already booking appointments with your sphere, getting refers, initiating your online marketing and ads, following up with old and new leads, content creating daily? All this doesn’t stop because of a season or time of year. For success that grows and lasts, we ALWAYS play offense. – Real Estate Careers – About the BIC – Real Estate Sales