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Career Blog Series – It’s Not “I Want To”, It’s “I Will Do ” – Eagle Realty

What You Want To Do, Or What You Will Do?
I watched the Winter X-Games on ESPN this past weekend (like every winter) and picked up on an athlete telling his story about his road to becoming a professional snowboarder. The main theme of his story was that he told himself and others, “I will be a pro snowboarder” in contrast to “I want to be a snowboarder”. There is a big difference.
Our career choices and direction, including our Real Estate career and the success we will have building our business, needs to be predicated on a psychological foundation of “I Will” not just “I Want”. Mindset is very important in everything we do. Phrasing of the words we tell ourselves, and others, is just as important. To achieve we must firmly believe in what we are trying to accomplish. I don’t mean for that to be corny or sound like motivational mumbo-jumbo, but rather it is more in line with common sense that we know, we just don’t practice enough.
Just like scripts work in real estate sales, but they need to become natural sounding to be optimally effective. The only way that happens is extensive practice and repetitiveness. Making our “I Will” mindset and natural as part of our language in our goals, strategy, direction, and purpose will only make us more prone to achievement.
I “want” is a wish. I “will” defines your purpose. – Careers