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Real Estate Training & Fitness

You know i love the workout. Getting my fitness on and staying fit. There is so much advantage in life and business, for both success and long term strategy, to staying physically healthy and fit. I’m not talking strongman challenge or elite Crossfit Athlete…but consistent diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle. The science backs it, and common sense tells you that living healthy means a better day to day in so many categories. Mental capability, energy level, focus, vitality, longevity, etc. I know i am preaching, but it really is logical and just makes sense. If you are a business owner (aka Realtor) you can not neglect the physical side of your well being. Fitness (includes both diet and exercise) has to a priority in your routine every day.

And just as the body needs training, the mind and knowledge of your craft can’t be lacking either. You constantly should be “training” when it comes to your business, especially real estate, in knowledge growth of your profession and industry, surrounding and related industries, tech tools, business building, and of course local area data and statistics on trends, market, etc. By constantly trying to be the best expert in your area in Real Estate, you are in constant training to be “fittest” in your field.
Fitness is not something that should be done only when you want to look better, or a short-term solution for some result you want and then you go back to “normal” life. It has to become a lifestyle. That is the same for your Real Estate Fitness. The grind of being the expert is an “all the time” thing in your career. Not just when you aren’t busy and things are slow. In the good and the bad, being the expert needs to become your Realtor Lifestyle. – Careers