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You Can Be Successful Without Being Famous
Im not sure if you have noticed, but the whole #video thing (facebook live, Insta Live Story, vlog-ing, documentary style you tube shows, etc) is really catching on. Like, it was a thing years ago, but much like trends, there were those who started the trend, followed the trend, and those that are bringing up the rear and finally jumping on the band wagon. I have seen more youtube shows and vlog type videos on FB and other networks…not too mention the uptick in Stories and Snaps…in the past 2 months than in the previous 12. The true question, is who will stay consistent with their social media strategy? Because the reality it is a marathon, not a sprint.
But all that being said, in the real estate industry, the real question is, why are you doing it? I mean, are you trying to be the next Gary Vee or Casey Neistat? Is your goal 1,000,000 views or a new client? Are you trying to go viral or sell real estate through strategic marketing? Does video creation, editing, storyboarding, uploading, and sharing consumer your day or is there some room for your real estate clients?
I’m not preaching. I have the same issues. But i know the fact is that you don’t need to be famous to be successful. There are plenty of millionaires that you have never heard of. There are plenty of people who have changed (and saved) lives around the world that you will never know about. There are plenty of moms and dads with kids that do great things that stories never get told. The punch line, you don’t need to be famous to be successful. When your marketing becomes more about you than serving as a strategy to fuel your success in real estate, then it might be time for a priority check…or maybe an #eaglereality check (see my YouTube channel for reference ) …see i couldn’t type just one blog without plugging my show on youtube. Ugh…the struggle is real.
Video (and creative video) is a necessary part of your marketing strategy….but becoming famous (or not) doesn’t determine your success for your real estate career. – Real Estate Careers