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Before You Change Real Estate Companies – Pt 1: Define Your Success

It’s real easy to say you want to make a change to a new real estate company in your real estate career.  Better commissions or better split.  Maybe a friend works their or you just like the broker.  Maybe they promise lots of internet or call in leads to give you.  There are a ton of reasons real estate agents look to when thinking of a change in their brokerage or company.  What’s been your experience?  I bet i have heard it.

But, what i find so fascinating is that so many new and seasoned real estate agents notice what other real estate brokerages might be offering or what they tell you they can make you by what they give you, but what most agents don’t take inventory is what do they want.  What do you want out of your career?  How do you define the success you want to have in real estate sales?  It’s not about what they offer, it’s finding a match when compared to what you want.

Define your success and you will more easily find the right real estate company to work for.  When you define success you set a parameter that will more easily allow you to match up with the right company in the first place.  I personally believe a Realtor will have the most success when matching and staying with the right company that has a mission/vision that aligns with how you want your career to grow and become a success.  Sometimes what a company offers is not beneficial to your career in the long run because it doesn’t help you reach the ultimate goal of your definition of success.

So what do you do when looking for the right real estate company when starting your career or even if you are looking to make a change.  Stop looking.  First create and define your success, then start looking for a match by talking brokerages and seeing if they align with you. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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