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Before You Change Real Estate Companies: PT 2 – Talk To Your Current Broker

I think this step is skipped way too much when a real estate agent is looking for a change.  Or feeling they need a change.  Sometimes it’s too emotional based of a decision and that can screw up the long-term.  Having been on the other side of the table, I could tell you stories of text or emails I have gotten from agents that tell me they are transferring and I never knew there was an issue.  They never talked to me about something that was frustrating or missing in their career at my company.  I can think right now as I type of specific examples of people I wish would have given me a chance to hear their concerns and try to address them before they jumped the ship.

Here’s the thing – not enough agents try to address the issues they are having in their career or with their current situation in general, with their current real estate company.  Have you had a face-to-face about why you are thinking of leaving?  Have you really explored possible solutions or alternatives with your brokerage before you just decide the relationship (and yes it is a relationship) is over?  Too many realtors don’t take the time.  Sometimes the cost and time of transitioning to a new company and re-starting your branding may not be worth it.  Sometimes you can get what you are looking for without making a change.  Sometimes the right move is to stay right where you are at.

I know you are thinking: Isn’t his job to recruit agents? Why is he telling us to stay?  Well, your right.  But again, remember that my main philosophy and my main goal is to help you find where your real estate career will be most successful. I am totally cognizant that not every Realtor fits right at every company.  So in that mindset, I think you should always, before you change companies, talk and give your current one a chance to fit what you need and want.

  • Talk to your broker face-to-face and express your needs/concerns/wants
  • Weight the cost (time and money and resources) it will take to change companies
  • Will there be business lost in the change
  • Create a pro and con list of your current company – then share it with your broker.

Here is the thing – you should make wise decisions in every aspect of your real estate career.  That includes changing companies.  I’m not saying that staying at your current company is the best decision.  But you should always look at all possibilities when it comes to your real estate success. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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