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Before You Change Real Estate Companies Pt. 3 – “Interview, Interview, Interview”

We are in the middle of this #blog series on our real estate career website as well on our #podcast that you can find here: – So what’s the point?  I want you to find where you are most successful in your real estate career.  It’s really pretty much that simple.  I am of the understanding that each agent needs to align with the right brokerage to fit their career goals and values that will influence their success the most.  To do that, each Realtor must define “success” on their own terms instead of being told what it looks like.  That was essentially the point of part 1 of this series (which you can go back and read/listen to).  Part 2 dealt more with making sure emotion or a solvable issue wasn’t keeping you from correcting the course in your current company and brokerage.  Sometimes the right conversation before jumping ship will save (and enhance) your career trajectory instead of starting over (and starting over possibly in the wrong place)

But that leads us to this next part in our saga.  Part 3, this blog, is to make you realize that while you may think that the grass is greener, you should still take a look at many pastures.  Too agricultural of a reference?  Maybe think of it this way – you don’t pick the first diamond you see as the ring you’re gonna propose with.  You need to do some research.  You need to look, ask questions, then dive deep.  You need to find, whether you are a new realtor or an experienced one looking for a better opportunity, the #right company and brokerage for you.  Or it may even be time for you to start your own.  But you need to explore more than just one option.  You need to interview with more than just one company.  You need to talk to different size, franchise and not, and explore each value proposition in line with your values and goals.

So here are some things i recommend to think or ask when searching for the best real estate company for your career:

  • Does this company define success similar to how i do for its agents
  • Do our values and ethics align
  • Does the work environment and culture match how i like to work
  • Does the company have the right reputation
  • Is the broker/manager support and resource me in the way i need for my success
  • Is the commission structure optimal for my goals
  • Do their policies make sense in light of my goals and success path

There may be more questions – but these are a good start! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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