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Before You Change Real Estate Companies Pt 4: “Alignment”

As we continue our series in #BeforeYouChangeRealEstateCompanies we are at very crucial part that coincides with part 3 (go back and read here ).  What you are looking for when searching for a company, in my not so humble opinion, is alignment.  That may be simple enough but it is amazing how many realtors forget that the purpose of their interviews is to find where they fit best.  The purpose is not to be sold on the best looking “package” or “pot-o-gold” that the brokerage is offering.

If you are really focused on your career success for the long-term, Alignment should be your goal.  What brokerage is the one that fits your goals and vision?  What company fits your values and ethics?  What real estate company best will come alongside you and resource you to reach the goals you have for yourself?  You need to find out if their realtor training is not only the content for your success, but in a context and way you can best receive to apply it to your career.  Alignment is taking charge over the direction of your career, then finding a partner in your success by choosing the right real estate company that best matches.

Let’s be honest – no company is going to be a 100% match.  Like most things in our lives, 100% (or perfection) is more of a theoretical exercise.  It is a destination to be strived for but never reached.  So the “perfect” firm most likely does not exist.  In fact, many of you may be at the right firm, or the best fit for your career but are blinded by the “grass-is-greener” mentality or the #NextBigThing complex.  It takes a lot of self-awareness, and asking the right questions of the company you’re at or interviewing with to discover if true alignment is there for your career.

So, to recap, when looking for alignment your need to explore the following areas when talking with your current or new real estate firm:
1. Values and Ethics
2. Broker Support and Training
3. Compensation structure
4. Culture and work Environment (expectations)
5. Resourcing and coaching

If you start with those 5 things you will better find the right real estate company that aligns with your career goals and trajectory towards real estate success. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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