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Before You Change Real Estate Companies Pt 5: “The Real (Final) Question”

I just got back from New York city (my first time visiting the Big Apple) with my family.  While we were there i overheard a conversation while we were having lunch on the Upper West Side.  A Realtor was taking it pretty hard when he lost a listing to another Realtor.  He felt he had failed the seller with the wrong strategy.  His wife/girlfriend was trying to console him.  He was taking it very personal and seemed to be taking a hit to his self-worth as a Realtor.  Now, it does bare mentioning the listing was like $1.2 million.  And they potentially were going to buy after selling.  So, yeah, I would be pretty devastated too.  But it got me thinking about the conversation.  There was no mention of his brokerage, or company.  He may have even been his own company.  It was never said.  I didn’t hear anything about his brand, his franchise or team.  I didn’t hear anything about the culture or climate of his office.  It was just about the success or failure of his job of selling property.

One thing I hope this series has shown you is to really question your career and yourself as a Realtor – not just “which company is best”.  The truth is you can both succeed and fail anywhere you are.  If you haven’t defined your won success, asked enough questions on alignment, talked with your current broker and company, or made any of the efforts needed and required when you take ownership and control of your own real estate career, success will be hard.  Don’t get me wrong – finding the right company if critical from a certain vantage point to being successful.  But to be honest, success is more from you rather than your company.

My last installment in this series is for you to ask the real (and final) question:  Are you passionate about being a Realtor?  Is it just a job, or do you need consoling when losing a listing or buyer?  Do you strive for greatness with each client.  Do you care about the client more than the commission.  Are you motivated and driven everyday?  Do you thrive in the pressure to succeed without a salary and the construct of making your own schedule?  Can you define your success?

If you don’t have passion for being a realtor, you will not be successful in real estate for the long-term.  That goes for anything in your life.  Passion is directly correlated to success in anything your strive to accomplish.  So, what’s your answer to the REAL question? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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