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From the perspective of a Broker In Charge and Owner of a Real Estate company, one of the main choices we face at the start of opening a company (and even many times throughout the journey) is whether to affiliate and franchise with a Real Estate brand – such as Century 21, Keller Williams, Weichert, Coldwell Banker, etc, etc.  And there are always new franchise models and companies hitting the scene to look at or approach you.  It takes a good amount of research and understanding of what I want to accomplish to make the decision to stay as an independent Real Estate company or affiliate with a franchise.  But, i am still positive that my choice to remain an independently owned real estate company in North Myrtle Beach, SC where i can build my own brand and culture is the best decision for my business and future….at least that’s my 100% belief as of today.

But, for you as a Realtor, the fact that there is a myriad of choices to affiliate your license with to build your real estate business is a blessing.  Trust me.  You would not be as inclined to go to Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen or Sweet Frog if they only gave you 2 flavors to choose from, would you?  Most people are able to pick a favorite between chocolate and vanilla (or i prefer a swirl actually), but its way more exciting to be able to also choose rocky road, cookie dough, mint chocolate chip…you get the point.  And don’t get me started on the toppings as well (wait, what was the analogy again because i am just getting hungry).

My point: being able to explore franchises and independents, and even the major and minor differences that exist between every real estate company you could affiliate with, is a golden opportunity for you to best grow your real estate career.  Aligning yourself with a culture, a strategy, the right resources, the right broker and people, vision and key values can be the difference between a great and passionate career in real estate, or a frustrating journey in trying to grow int he real estate industry.

We want to help you, even if it’s not with Eagle Realty.  Your career is too important to us…. – real estate careers