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Client Appreciation Month at Eagle Realty

So, this is not my normal #blog to grow your real estate career…or is it?  You see, this our 4th annual client appreciation month that we started at our company Eagle Realty.  The unfortunate thing is it took like 11 years for us to create something like this for our clients and our agents at Eagle.  The good news is that since its inception, it has been massively successful!  We take a whole month to shed some love on our clients.  We give an opportunity for each of our agents to have an easy “ask” and re-connect with their past clients by having contests where clients can submit referrals to their Eagle agents throughout the month.  We end the month with a huge client party free for clients (and agents) where agents can host their clients to a great evening of fun, music, food, and prizes!

Why I am telling you all this?  A little bit of shameless promotion.  But, also because i want you to think.  Many of you may already be doing similar strategies to appreciate your clients.  I have seen and heard of great way of staying connected and showing love to your clients throughout the year!  But, some of you (or i fear many) may not give this part of your business strategy enough thought (or budget and time).  This may be one the best ROI strategies you can build into a successful realtor business.

Most all of us have heard that it cost more to acquire a new client that keep and old one.  Well that is very true.  Now add to that philosophy the fact that a huge chunk of your real estate sales will come from refers statistically over the length of your career – you find that repeat client business and refers from those clients should constitute (according to NAR) about 72-78% of your business.  So if that is a majority of your business, how much budget and time (strategy) are you putting into that segment of your business.

So now, tell me what you are doing to connect/appreciate your clients and build a referral network from them?  It’s time to focus on that. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa