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Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

There are so many #realtors that i talk to who are against a #content strategy on the daily because they dont see the immediate sales benefit of it.  Or they run a couple ads (and by a couple i mean usually 1 that is their “new listing” or “just sold” ad) to a broad audience, one time and dont see leads flood in and say, “well that doesn’t work.”  Taking the ad component, many, at least in our market, don’t understand the long term success play of building your personal brand as a real estate agent.  Many don’t see that in the end, all you have is the brand you built.  If you franchise or company falls a part of goes under in the next recessional time, what are you left with if all you have done is built up their brand and not yours?  So how do you start?

The first way to start is to understand that brand building and sales are NOT the same thing!  Building your brand takes patience and consistency.  It’s take bringing value to your audience and positioning yourself as the go to resource for all things real estate, and even all things “local” or in your market.  Your real estate sales could increase because you give the best dinner recipes or give the best commentary on local events in your area.  Your real estate sales could increase because you are showing people the best happy hour spots and deals in town!  My point is this, brand building takes time and is more than just about selling homes.  It’s about providing value.

Do you know how you grow long term in your real estate business?  Brand.  Do you know how to build brand in 2019 and beyond?  Content.  Last month i put out the Realtor #ContentManifesto. (see it here).  This was to help realtors not only find out how and where to start, but to give a blue print that i model daily of how to produce and create more content, and how to distribute it every week/day.  Sometimes we just dont know how/where to start, but now you do.  Content is the single greatest brand building tool and what’s great is most of it is free.  It just takes time and effort (AKA. WORK).  But it’s worth it.

But, content creation without consistency is not a way to grow and sustain a business in real estate.  You must be creating contextual content on multiple platforms to multiple audiences in a way that speak to what they need and want.  You must be trying new tests of titles and context.  You must be studying demographical information and analytics on the platforms you create content on.  You need to be constantly learning and finding where the attention is at. (because it does change).  And, lastly, you need to be taking advantage of the cost $ of current platforms for the attention.  We are living in a time that won’t last forever – think Google adwords 2003 – dont wait or let it slip away…put money behind your content to reach more of your (defined) audience! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa