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Contacting Your Real Estate Clients At Christmas

Ok, tis the season to be jolly, fallalalalallalala – ok, so you’ve heard that before.  But, i love Christmas!!  I love everything about the holiday season at the end of the year.  And i love that it is an easy, non-pressure way to touch base with clients and customers without seeming sales oriented and actually be seen as genuine when you communicate to say “hey!” and “happy holidays!”.

I think every realtor should take this time of year and have multiple communications that are personal touches, 1-on-1, mass emails and mass communication strategy, along with fun messages and use social media in a unique way to get your “christmas cheer out there”. (Elf reference)  And yes, i have been know to put a message out in song every once in a while.

We stay sensitive to the multiple holidays during this time of year.  We also recognize the new year as a great time to touch base with all old leads and clients in our database.  To reach out and say “hey” and “how can i help in this new year” with any real estate related needs!  You can send presents (like we do at ) or write hand written cards.  You can treat your vendors and partners to christmas gifts and you can in general show a great attitude of kindness and a heart to help others in every way you can!  Reach out and make a difference in your community this holiday.

There are so many way between e-cards, individual FB messages, video christmas caroling, and so much more for you to get in front of your database and past clients this Christmas and holiday season.  Even if you are home with the kids for break or visiting family around the country.  The point is not the “what” its the “do”.  Just do it!

But, lets remember the reason for the season.  And let’s remember to breathe, thank God, and take a little break from the grind and give ourself the gift of a day off.  Then, let’s get back to work and get ready for a new year of opportunities!! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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