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So there is an old saying i have heard for a few year being a real estate professional.  It goes something to the effect of “not” being a secret agent.  Coming from someone who loves spy movies and loves martial arts and has studied it for years, I actually like the sound of being a secret agent.  But i get the point.  Too many agents are too scared, lazy, or negligent in building their brand and marketing themselves correctly as a #realtor and real estate agent.  This is an old saying that has been around, but it could not ever be more true than in our current business culture and climate for real estate in 2019,

When you are “scared”, that means you are putting too much value into other peoples opinions.  When it comes to branding yourself as a #realtor, your content is around providing value.  Whether you are nervous in front of the camera, or on a podcast, or posting more pictures on instagram and facebook, if fear is holding you back, then you place way to much value on other peoples opinions.  Quantity wins.  You should be creating visual/audio/written content around who you are and what you can do for clients 24/7.  Your goal is NOT to impress…its to provide value and to build brand for your business!

If you are too lazy to create content, you don’t value your brand or your career  Our whole goal is to build our brand in real estate.  This is a non-negotiable when it comes to a career in real estate.  Content creation around your realtor brand is all you have.  You cant rely on your company because they may not always be there.  You have to build a personal real estate brand that will last, because as #garyvee said, it’s all you have left in the end.

If you are “negligent” about building your realtor brand through a comprehensive #content strategy then you need to wake up.  It’s 2019 and this has bene the game for the last 5 years+.  Those who build and create the most valuable content on the daily that grows their audience will win.  You can not neglect creating content to build your personal real estate brand.  It just can’t wait any longer.  This must become a daily priority or you will die out in the industry, period. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa