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What’s the difference between goals and dreams?  Most of the time, Strategy.  Strategy is simply a terms for planning put into action.  Sounds simple, right?  But as you well know, planning without execution is just wishing – aka, dreaming.  So how do you separate yourself in business – and in life?  Not only in Real Estate, but in any career, those that execute win.  Those that don’t stand still and complain and don’t understand why they aren’t winning in their career.  So, in the spirit of wanting everyone to win in their career, whether it is in Real Estate or not, here are 3 simple steps to get you started.  These are to help move you from dreaming to goal setting:

  1. Write It Out – or in other words, define it.  What are you trying to accomplish?? Write it down (or type it down) or video yourself saying it – whatever works, you need to record, document, and be able to go back and see what your specific goal is.  Without defining it you can never develop a strategy to achieve it.
  2. Strategize – This is the meat of the execution – create the how and the timeframe in which to achieve the goal.  Whether 30 days, 3 months, 1 year – and a min. of 3 actionable steps to wreathe goal.  “HOW” do you get there – even if you don’t have the resources, manpower, or whatever at the moment to DO the “how”, still define the best way to achieve the goal – then tweak it to reflect your abilities and resources.
  3. Metrics, Metrics, Metrics – or in other words, track results so a the end of the timeframe you set you can see rock solid if you hit or missed the goal – then assess and do it again, bigger and better!

BONUS POINTS – **Be Held Accountable – whether a co-worker, family, spouse, or in our case, your BROKER IN CHARGE at your firm – tell someone your goals & strategies & results and let them help you move forward!