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Enjoy The Climb As Much As The Summit

My brother-in-law is very into climbing and mountaineering.  Seems like fun, though i don’t have much experience with the like.  What i notice is how much he gets excited for the prep and the climb itself, not just the goal of the destination or the peak.  I would think that is what makes any activity more enjoyable.  When you love the practice.  When you love the scrimmage.  When you love the climb.  When you love the moment and not just the championship or end goal.  When you love improving and the journey, not just the focus on the ending point.

Everything we do leads to goals as we talked about in the last post about #strategy.  But do you enjoy your strategy?  Do you enjoy the “climb” as it were?  Do you enjoy the work along with the success?  Imagine how much greater life would be if instead of frustration in the midst of working the day-to-day just to get to the next sale, or make more money, or buy that home you dream of, or whatever life goals you may have, you enjoyed the journey as much as the end goal?  Everything we do that we are truly passionate about, including our careers, should be done with a healthy dose of enjoyment in the moment and the day-to-day.

This does not mean we have no problems or horrible days – it just means we can have a career where we are exited and passionate about every aspect that makes our career, not just the big moments or goals. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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