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Before you think it’s all about “winning” with me or our company at Eagle Realty in North Myrtle Beach, make sure you have the right definition of “win”.  My win (in my life and in my company) is always your success.  The people i my life, I want them to win.  The people and Realtors at my company i want them to win.  The people in the various business venture i am vested in, I want them to win.  In a general, if they win, i win.  So it is a win-win.  If both parties in any business venture, relationship, work dynamic, whatever – are not both winning, then in my opinion, neither are.  So take “competition” from a negative perspective, off the table.  But if competition can cause the best in all competitors to come out, and stretch the ceiling of every person involved, then competition is healthy and a WIN all around.

Now that the philosophy is out of the way, how about the practicality of what this post is all about: Focus.  As a track athlete back in the day (getting to be “way-back”) there is something you learned early on, especially in my events of the 100m, 200m, 4×100 – keep your eyes/head forward on the finish.  The moment you look to your left or right, you physically slow down, and mentally pause/lose a % of focus.  Even when the greatest in the world have enough lead to peek over their shoulder, they noticeably pull up/back/slow.  So how does this apply to our business and career?

Easy, stop comparing. (i didn’t say stop researching/analyzing/metric tracking etc…stay tuned for another article) But stop putting too much effort on looking at the “other” person in your office, or that other company, or what new toy your neighbor just got, or whatever it is that takes a portion of focus, energy, and diligence away form he work (the finish line) that is ahead of you.  Sometimes you need blinders to keep building YOUR business the way that works for YOU.  Or at the very least, stay focused on the grind in front of you worried only about operating at your very best.  Knowing your competition and Watching your competition are two very different things…keep your eyes on the finish line!