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Finding The Not-So-Scary Fit As A #Realtor

It’s the day before Halloween.  I guess that makes it Hallow-Eve.  But, i do know that I’m still trying to find a pumpkin for the kids because we were out of town at the normal time we usually grab them.  They are kinda scarce to be honest.  I know that to be honest, even when i was a little kid, i did not like carving pumpkins.  I know, weird, right?  I just didn’t, and still don’t.  Maybe i just dont have that kind of artistry in me.  But, i do appreciate, and was/am always amazed at the intricate carvings some can do and create on halloween.  I liked seeing the different styles of pumpkins, carvings, ways of letting the light escape, and even the unique painting and displays of it all.  Just wait, i’m going somewhere with this.

You, as a Realtor and real estate professional have a lot of choices around you when it comes to affiliating with a brokerage.  All seem to have a certain appeal and can be appreciated as unique.  But, you have to choose.  Looking beyond the surface of just what looks cool, you need to see some intention and the thought process behind the carving.  I mean, why did they choose to carve the pumpkin that way may tell you a whole lot about the person who created that pumpkin work of art.  And that’s what you really need to know.

It’s not choosing based on what you see…it’s choosing based on what you find out.  And that takes research and conversations.  That takes more than just one masterpiece on display at the pumpkin carving contest.  You need to dig a little deeper into the why, how, the person or team that did it.  You real estate career is too important to just affiliate your license and business because of one pretty display.  You need to find the right fit.  And takes some effort on your part.

It’s less about the carving…it’s about the carver.  Be careful to not get caught up in a great looking pumpkin on the surface and go all in based on that.  Finding the right fit take effort in the why and how of any real estate brokerage…not just a shiny office or great commission split.  Find out more about how they can make your real estate business successful for many Halloween’s to come!! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa