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#Freedom For Our Country & Your #Realtor Career

Not going to make this a long one, but wanted to first wish from our Real Estate company to you and yours, happy 4th of July!  I hope you have a great week, day, and enjoy plenty of celebration, family, food, and fireworks!  Celebrating our freedom and heritage.  It’s kind of cool to think that our country takes a day to remember that it didn’t always exist.  There wasn’t always a USA as it is now, and that their was much sacrifice and resolve to embark on a journey of freedom and prosperity with ideals seen as rogue by many countries and nations around the world.  It’s not perfect, but it is allowed to be a work in progress, which is part of the allure of the United States of America.  I honestly do love this country and what it strives to be.

Now, as for your Realtor career: It’s funny to me that many people feel as if their career does not resemble the freedom of the USA at all.  Almost like they are stuck in a dictatorship or prison that holds a possible breakthrough of success from happening.  Maybe not even just success, but happiness and freedom to define success and build a brand on their own terms.  While i love the USA, i hate the fact that their are companies, critics, negative noise and more that holds you, as a Realtor, down from making the best career and business you can in the great industry we are a part of.  Don’t believe the hype, propaganda, or lies.  You can have a better career.  Not just at Eagle Realty (though that’s a great place to start), but with a shift in mindset and work strategy, you can become a real estate success anywhere you choose to be.

That’s my rant – Happy 4th of July!!!