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Realtors, Say Goodbye to 2017

wish I could say something classy and inspirational to end 2017 and say goodbye – but that just wouldn’t be my style.  Ok, I may have sampled that from the movie the Replacements, but really…I can’t.  2017 had some great highs, a few lows, and a lot of grind in it from my shoes.  How about you?  What was your greatest high, your greatest low, and overall how do you feel about the year 2017?  Take a minute, reflect, measure it out.  Ok, are you done?  Good – then let’s go.

Time to leave it behind, leave 2017 in the past and look to 2018.  More than that, lets first live in the day it is (whatever day you may be reading this) and make sure we are maximizing the day to the fullest in both career, family, and life in general.  Now let’s keep our eyes forward on moving forward.  No matter how great or how bad the days behind us were, shift your focus and eyes forward to the horizon.  Always forward, never back.  We don’t dwell, we don’t regret, we don’t get stuck by our past.  We rise above and move forward. 

We don’t always forget.  And we always need to learn.  But we don’t dwell and create excuses born of our pasts.  You have the power and choice to make today what you want.  To be free of yesterday and see tomorrow as an opportunity and today as a gift to take full advantage of.

2017, no matter how great or how bad, is about to be history – literally.  What will you do with he new year?  What will your 2018 be like.  Will it be controlled by 2017 or some other past experience or issue you want to hold on to?  Or, will 2018 – or even today – be the best day because you choose it to be.  Not because I told you to, but because YOU told you to.

Time to say goodbye to 2017…And hello to 2018, hello to today.  This could be your best year ever. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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