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#GrindMode: Define Your WHY

Here we go Realtors, time to grind!  But before you start grinding and getting the work in to build your great real estate business, have you stopped and asked yourself “why” you are building a real estate career?  More so, do you continue to ask yourself throughout your career so that you are still on course with the right WHY?  So many times we get into a state of “doing” that we forget to ask why we are doing it.  And you can go for a while in this mindset, but then when stressful things start to occur, the frustration can overwhelm and lead you to quit or worse.  Resentment may set in and you are left with either an unsuccessful or imploding business that you care very little about it.  Even if you are successful for a short time, it can blow up eventually because you have a “stop and catch my breath” type moment where you realize you don’t love what you do.  All of these things can happen because the “why” was not only defined, but it was maintained/reminded daily in your real estate career.

So many of us in real estate have entrepreneur tendencies and traits.  That is great because being a realtor is all about running a business.  But, it also means we tend to ready, fire, aim.  When we don’t have a foundational “why” in place in our business and career, we will sometimes forget what we are firing at and for.  We have to define it.  We have to remember it.  We have to evolve it.

Before any venture, career, product, business, a solid why will set the destination.  The end goal in every transaction or client relationship will ultimately line up with your why.  This is why “why” is so important.  It’s keeps us from swaying when stress comes and things don’t go our way.  We know that we keep going to reach the why because that will make it all worth it again.

Daily we have to remember it.  Like our mantra, we need to know our “why” to not only see if we are on course, but to reignite our passion to work that day.  It’s the fuel to our business and real estate career fire.  We can evaluate almost every action of work item of the day against our why to make sure that thing is worth doing and spending time on.

Our “why” will evolve.  This doesn’t mean change necessarily.  But as our business grows, our why may grow as well.  The bigger the business and success, the bigger the why becomes for alignment.  This should excite you.  Usually the bigger the why, the bigger the impact and business, and in direct correlation to the size of your success.  Big goals need big “why’s”.  So what’s yours? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa