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#GrindMode: No Matter When

Since we started a series on #grinding in #realestate – we need to remember that it doesn’t mean we speaking about working hard and long with a negative tone or mindset.  Lot’s of people look at their job or career as a “have to” instead of a “get to”.  To be truly happy in your Realtor career, you have to find joy and passion to be happy with daily work life.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days, it just means you have a macro and long term perspective that you truly love what you do in the big picture.  We talk about “the grind” with a smile and sense of purpose and gratitude.  We get to enjoy a career in the real estate industry that affords us things like schedule flexibility and no income ceiling when it comes to growing our business.  We get to be creative in marketing and branding, while guiding and helping people with the biggest purchase(s) of their lives.  You have to have the mindset when it comes to a career in real estate.

As I mentioned above, flexibility is as awesome benefit when utilized right.  It can give you energy and reduce stress when used properly as it relate to growing your real estate business.  One of the biggest reason i personally got into real estate was the ability to control my schedule.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t times we cater to the client.  In fact, many times we are on their schedule.  But the internal aspects of our business as a Realtor are left to us, most of the time, to build out.  Meaning, if i work well at 9pm-11pm and use that time for marketing because I want to, I can.  If I need to not start my day till 10am, I can.  If my kids have a game or performance, I will make sure I can make it.  Flexibility of schedule isn’t just within the 9-5p mentality – it means I have all 24 hours of the day to arrange how I like it.  And not just how I like it, but how it is most efficient for what I am trying to build and do as a real estate agent.

Flexibility in your Realtor schedule will require discipline though.  This is where you not only enjoy the positives, but find out if you are cut out to handle the freedom real estate entails.  Can you focus to get what needs to be done everyday – plus, keep going once it is done?  See, I am a big believer in the fact that every Realtor is a business owners.  And all business owners know that the work is never over.  There is always something that can be improved or worked on for the growth of the business.  Yes you can take breaks and vacations still, but you must keep the hunger of continuously building your business.  Real Estate takes a disciplined focus to handle the flexibility in a way that maximizes your growth potential.

You can work with clients at 8am or 8pm.  You can do marketing and branding 24 hours a day.  You can make sure you have family time, while also working mobile from the beach.  This business affords you a lot of perks – if you have the focus to manage it right. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa