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#GrindMode: No Matter Who

Your #realestate career doesn’t have to stop for the holiday season.  I think that especially in the holidays you have a tremendous amount of opportunity to build your career and business as a Realtor.  But maybe people go about your holiday marketing and content the wrong way.  Too many are over zealous with the hard sells and content that screams “look at me”!  This is an opportunity to really make impacts and build relationships that will, I believe, grow your business exponentially in the future.

This time of year, you can make impact on anyone.  Don’t limit yourself to just clients that bought or sold with you this year.  Or worse, only big sales.  When we talk about “no matter who” I am speaking tot he fact that you have an opportunity to not only connect with your sphere and database of clients, but also new people, family, strangers, or whomever.  No matter who it is, you can make an impact and build relationship, which can ultimately help your career.  But here is the best part.  Even if they never buy or sell a home with you, the impact could still be there.  One person could become your best ad or billboard.  One new relationship with an organization that you give too could lead to connections that ultimate influence your real estate business.  There are so many possibilities, but you don’t do it for that.  You do it out od genuine kindness, holiday cheer, and a heart to serve and give, while knowing that it will grow your business, but that it’s not the intention of your actions.

There is such a dichotomy that exists.  True joy and a heart of giving to anyone without discretion will make you a better human.  With the base belief that you are doing this for genuine reasons, your life is on point.  But, the truth of the future is that i know this will help the longevity and success of your real estate business.  To my core, I know this.  Make this holiday about others, no matter who they are.  If that’s genuine – the long term benefits are not measurable.  Doing the right thing, is always the right thing. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa