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Handling The Flavors of Summer

Oh yes, its here.  Make no mistake that Memorial Day brought us the full swing of summer-mode for our area in north myrtle beach, sc.  We, especially in the real estate and vacation rental business are bracing for full force winds of the vacation season.  On top of that, in our area is the increase in seasonal real estate buying and listing activity.  The correlation between summer traffic of tourists relates undoubtably to the increase in buying activity in our area of the beach.

So what do we do?  Ride the wave.  (Quite literally in the case of those of us that love the summer surf season)  It’s time for us to go to work.  And we love it! If you are a Realtor, this is your playoffs.  Time to put your game face on and embrace the craziness.  So what are the best tips i can offer?

  • Content Content Content – dont neglect the micro content on snap and Insta stories (especially geo tagging) – build your audiences with geo-targeted searches of other people posting on social
  • Embrace Buyers – but make sure to vet them – prequals or proof of funds are critical – make sure your offers are fair and be able to be quick and efficient with paperwork because you don’t want your buyer to lose out to another bidder.
  • This is NOT Your Vacation Season – time to work – vacation in the winter
  • Be seen – get out in the tourist traffic – network and interact with those out of town – Starbucks, grocery store, restaurants – never know where the conversation will lead

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