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I have to admit, I am not a big “name-tag” person.  At events, out and about, doesn’t matter – i don’t like it.  Even as Realtor.  And i honestly believe that wearing a name-tag can be a huge asset to your business. Maybe i am too self conscious about the way i look and dress, but i feel like a name tag throws it off.  And yet, i believe real estate is one profession that thrives off the name-tag introduction.  I hear stories all the time of agents who get a lead in a grocery store or out shopping because they left their name tag on.  I also love when others wear some sort of name tag because i don’t have to remember their name.  I mean, it actually makes me feel like I know them already when a conversation starts.  Just because I don’t quite like how one looks on me, I still believe in the power of the name tag.

But, I really want to get to the main point of this blog post for all my realtor audience.  While traditionally, there were and still are some major benefits to having a name tag on when it comes to your career, content across digital platforms has become the next level of the name-tag mentality.  What do i mean by this?  I mean through content creation and distribution about yourself, your career, your area, and through engaging with others on social platforms, you are creating a digital name-tag for people to recognize and know you by.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I am out in our local area and people (mainly realtors, but not always) come up and say “you’re Chris right? I see your content all the time.”  They know my name (and trust me i don’t where regular name tags) because I have branded myself through my digital name tag, which is #content.

So are you getting a broader reach?  Meaning.  I could wear my name tag to the grocery store and hope someone sees it and strikes up a conversation…or…I could already be recognized when i walk in and they already know my name and approach me that way.  In fact, while a name tag lets them know I am in the real estate industry and gives them my first name as a sudo introduction, my content could have built rapport, given them insight about me and what kind of property i sell or area i work, and really laid ground work of my expertise and personality – all in addition to telling them my name – before they even meet me in person.  They will feel like they know me and have never met me.  Trust me, you have built relationship by building brand.  All this through consistent and valuable content on the daily targeted to the right audience.

So, if you are a believe in name tag wearing because you have seen results from it, imagine the next level of that response through content creation to build your brand in your market!? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa