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Hello November – Time To Sell Some Real Estate

November is that gateway month.  That month immediately after Halloween where we have the bridge to the holidays of Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.  We have to wait it seems almost all month till Thanksgiving. The weather gets a little crisper (usually) and football starts to take on serious meaning (at least in the college realm).  People start trying to get to Christmas too early, and stores/online retailers take advantage of our impatience.  I don’t like Thanksgiving getting lost in the shuffle personally, but i do love christmas in the air.  And in the midst of it all, we still have over a month to get some real estate deals closed in north myrtle beach, SC.

There are too many of us that make this time of year a 2 month vacation.  We, as Realtors, who want to be successful can not have this mind set.  We have to take advantage of the enormous opportunity to find great deals for our buyers, plus the great “non-weird” advantage we have of contacting everyone we know without it sounding like a sales pitch to buy or sell a home with us.

In addition, i believe November is the deadline for goal setting and strategy for the year ahead.  Before Thanksgiving (preferably October) your next year should be mapped out and ready to GO as soon as the New Years ball drops!  It’s not time to bask in the current year, it’s time to get a head start on success for the year to come.

So, November?  Hello! – Time to sell, contact everyone we know, and hammer down the strategy to make the new year great!! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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