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#Hustle Series – Pt. 1 For Clients

This month our real estate/realtor blog is going to be all about hustle.  I think August is the perfect time to talk about hustle because it is a month, in my not so humble opinion, that defines and points to how you are going to attack the rest of the year.  August is the culmination of a lot of things.  The close out of summer.  The gateway to football season.  Kids heading back to school.  August represents for me a shift in your work life because you most likely transition back to certain routines and are closing out vacation season.   There is a lot to be said for how you look at and treat your August real estate schedule.  And more so, how you view the rest of the year and not only where you are at so far, but if you’re going to finish strong. (not if…because you will)

We want to talk about the buzzword of #hustle because we know how hard this career is.  We know the autonomy of growing your own real estate business and that takes discipline and focus to keep your momentum steady and your passion moving forward.  By August, you could get wore out, but i want to encourage you and give some tips of how not to.  That’s what the next few weeks are going to be about.  And we are going to start with how to hustle for your #clients.

  1.  Over communicate for the next 60 days:  My observation is that communication from realtor to client, and vice versa gets choppy during the summer months.  Many reasons, but ultimately August is the start of a new phase of the year and a time to correct the ship of communication.  Over communicate.  For the next 60 days really make it a point to flood the lines of communication with your clients and past clients.  Whether its property updates, neighborhood stats, local events coming up, your own events (get to that in one second), or just touching base to see how their summer went or if they need any help getting stuff ready for back to school.  The goal is to show them you are in work mode, but help mode as well.
  2. Party Time:  Either in August or September, plan a Client Appreciation Event.  I don’t care if you have 2 clients or 200, figure out how to have a happy hour, a dinner, a cruise, or a cookout during college football.  Go big on appreciation swag gifts, and really show your client base that you want to celebrate them!  This not only builds awesome rapport with your current and past clients, but also gives you (which may be a bigger win) a chance to ask in a non-sales way for referral business.
  3. Up Your Content Game. I am not going to lie.  My content consistency and quantity decreases over summer.  My strategy gets interrupted with family visits, vacations, beach days, or whatever.  We all do it so no judgement.  But now is the time to re-focus our efforts and get back on track.  Get your daily consistency up, and increase volume of content per day.  Even if its an extra1-2 pieces per day on instagram stories or linked posts.  Now is the time to build brand and exposure.

I want your August to be awesome and a catalyst for your real estate career.  This is the month that is the springboard to finish the year strong.  If you hit it hard enough that is!  #HustleMode – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa