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#Hustle Series – Pt. 2 Hustle For Partners/Vendors

How fun is it in our current business culture to use the word hustle?!  I mean, it is such a buzz word.  Many people take pride in it and Realtors are no different when it comes to using this adjective to describe their work life and business inclinations.  We all want to rock the hustle lifestyle.  But lets remember, especially as real estate business people, that we hustle with others in mind, not ourselves.  Our hustle should shine through in our service.  Our hustle should be evident to our clients and peers.  Our hustle is not a status symbol, but a benefit to others.  One of the core elements in our industry is the fact that there are many components and people involved in a property transaction.  No matter if you are buying or selling real estate, there are multiple people involved.  There are lenders, Realtors (usually 2), home inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, home warranty companies, etc.  And as a Realtor, your working relationship with many of the people on this list will dictate not only the success of your business, but the ease of you stress in your business.

We want to connect with vendors and network with a good batch of those vendors and partners to mutually grow each others business.  In fact, the more we hustle WITH others for the mutual benefit of our clients and business in general, the more efficient and upward trajectory we will see in our real estate business.  What are some ways to not only network and find vendors/partners, but cultivate the relationships that will allow you to #hustle for mutual clients service and growth?  Glad you asked.

  1.  Hustle in Your Networking – If you are starting in your career, pay very close attention.  But, even if you are continuing to grow and adapt your business, this can be important too.  You never know when a vendor/partner of yours may fail or need to be replaced, or if you just need to add to your network.  I believe you need to be connecting and cultivating relationships with vendors and service providers to the real estate transaction process.  Be out at events, connect on social media, build your database to help your clients.
  2. Hustle in Your Database – Once you build you connections and network of vendor/partners, now you have to use them.  Feed them business and make sure they meet your clients standards.  Build mutual business relationships that help build the success of each others business.
  3. Hustle in Appreciation – one thing i have not yet done in my career is a Vendor/Partner appreciation party.  We have agent appreciation parties and events.  We have client appreciation parties and events.  But we need to take the next step to vendor appreciation events, or even a party, because they can help make our business successful too.  We need to pay forward that lender that help closed that difficult loan, or that home inspector that has done short notice inspectors, or that insurance agent that saved our clients so much money on their home insurance.  You can also make sure your vendors have opportunities to connect with your clients by letting them co-host events with you and your business.

When we hustle with all those involved with our real estate business it can only create win-win scenarios for everyone’s business. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa