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#Hustle Series – Pt. 3 For #Culture & Company

There is going to multiple ways you can read this article.  In fact, I am going to touch on multiple perspectives when it comes to the topic the title implies.  I need to start out by reminding all my Realtor audience that you are by default business owners when it comes to your real estate business.  You are operating a full business (company) within a company.  Or if you are a Broker In Charge & Owner of a company or franchise, you are steering the ship of a company while also leading a bunch of “little” independent companies under you. You have to internalize and recognize what that really means for the day to day and longterm decisions you make in your career.  We have to treat our career like we are the head of a company, and that should change your perspective on every decision and action you take.  For example, you as an individual Realtor may be a part of a culture, but you are also creating your own culture when it comes to how you “operate” your real estate business.  Sometimes these cultures align, and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes, you may not even realize that you are creating a “culture” that your clients and customers pick up when working with you to buy or sell property.  But, because you are a business owner, you should be aware of it.

When I talk about #hustle in this blog series, we are not only talking about effort, but mentality when it comes to prioritization and work ethic exceeding everyone around you.  I think for a Realtor, this shines first in your own business and what you are trying to accomplish in your career, but secondly, with who you are affiliated with brokerage wise and how both you and your BIC are creating a win-win scenario for the overall growth of the macro and micro side of your businesses.  How you approach the hustle for your individual (or team) real estate business will directly affect the success of the parent company (brokerage) as a whole.  And conversely, how we as BIC/owners hustle for our company & culture in our brokerage should have a positive and success affect on each of our agents/teams.

Another side of #hustle is the positive growth definition.  Meaning, when we talk about hustle, we assume you know we are talking about positively working for a positive and successful outcome.  So if you, as a Realtor, are hustling for culture and company, remember this should only result in positive growth and success as the outcome for your efforts.  Creating a “good” culture.  Growing and improving your company.  Creating a energy filled real estate business for you as an individual and the company as the whole.  When we have our mindset on hustle, and we know that our real estate business is a real “business”, we will want our Culture/Company to be the best version of itself that it can be.  And that takes the right #hustle. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa