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#Hustle Series – Pt. 4 For #Family

This is the last part of our hustle series for #realtors.  This Blog series has been fun to write in the sense that I love August as a month to regain some of our hustle mode in our business.  If you don’t take the month of August each year as a bridge month to transition your business out of summer mode, and really the first part of the year, to a mentality of closing the year strong and re-focus your business mentality for real estate to make the next four months not only great, but set the tone for the next coming year, you need to!  This is the perfect time to asses and re-purpose your mentalities and action states to match where you want your business to go.  So, the sum of this whole 4 week series is this: You hustle mode needs to be turned up to 100 in August.

The last installment where i want to touch on may be a shorter article, but may be the most important for true success, no matter how you define it.  Family.  It means a lot of things to a lot of people.  But your family whether biological, grafted, business, or whoever you call your “circle” of family is just as important to your business success because your business success is related to the core of who you are – and the people that affect the core of who you are, are the people you call “family”.  That revelation should resonate with you to the extent that it means you need to incorporate family strategy into your business strategy.  And if you are going to hustle for your (real estate) career, then you need to hustle for your family.

I want to come at this with 2 main perspectives.  Much more could be talked about, but in our short time and to keep this read brief, let me narrow in on two overarching themes:

  1. Hustle For Family – #production.  When i break down my success, I don’t just do it for me.  That would be lonely and not centered within my ethical and moral objective, and who I am as a person.  I love doing what I do, because it provides for those that I love.  I want to succeed for my kids, wife, family just as much, if not more, that any self satisfaction.  There is such a power in doing well for others.  Their is way more happiness if I can bring joy to others because that will naturally filter to joy produced for myself.  To to think that trying to be successful is only about “you” will lead to a very unhappy existence, even if you achieve your definition of success.  And what’s sad, is you may think you are successful, but without any joy – are you really?
  2. Hustle For Family – #time.  While there is work sense in which you hustle at your real estate career for your family – you also need to hustle for your family, as in “with them”.  To neglect those you are working so hard for will never prove worth it in the end.  There are times of sacrifice, there are times of balance, and there are time to prioritize your kids or wife or family over that commission or listing.  All the hustle in the world to produce a “good life” for your family can fall short and empty of actually being a PART of that good life with them.  I had the privilege of working in family, children’s, and youth ministry for many years. One thing I have never heard from a child or student is “I love that my mom/dad works and is gone so much!”.  Don’t forget that the most valuable thing you can give your family in this life is #time.

Let’s #hustle for & with our families! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa