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The more i go through business and life, the more i realize passion/drive/desire cant’t be taught or learned. At least not at a maximum level. Possibly it can be faked, or even used over a breif period of time or on a project. But that foundational element of passion/desire that lives inside individuals born with it can not be any more articualted or defined than it can be taught or passed on for others to have and use. I’m not preaching a lesson of discrimination against those who don’t have it, but rather a self-awareness of those that do to not be dissapointed or frustrated by those that don’t.

Many of us in business get really off point because we expect others to be like us when it comes to our passionate pusuit of the desire we have about the path we are walking. That can limit us and those around us.

So keep grinding — keep hustling — but dont expect everyone 100% to have the same drive/passion you have — they can’t and won’t.