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If I Could Tell You One Thing 2017 Graduates

I just had the pleasure of interacting with some high school graduates that i have know since they were in middle school.  This past weekend, as many young men and women all over the country moved on from high school to the next stage of their life, i reflected with them on the “what’s next” question.  I got to ask it to some of these youth that i had worked with over the years, and having worked with high schoolers for over a decade in different ministries and organizations, I am more certain than ever of one single piece of advise i would offer first: Buy real estate.

I wish i would have had the vision to do it when i was in first going to college.  I would have rather invested in where i lived during college than jumped around from dorms to apartments, etc.  I would be in a much better position coming out of college (though i didn’t have student loans) to come out owning an asset.  Or even if college is not in the cards for you, even better to put that would be money into a money-making investment that you can put in your asset column on the balance sheet.

I know if may seem out of reach, but trust me, there are ways to do it.  Have your parents help.  Or, parents, listen up and help your kids by teaching them the value of real estate investing by helping them purchase something now (what a great college graduation gift in 4 years?).  Or look for deals.  Owner financing.  Lease-option. Rent to own.  Foreclosures.  Parents, buy and rent the property back to your child and their friends.  But include the child in on ownership so they maintain the property and its value.

No matter what, my one piece of advice for high school graduates is this: Find a way to purchase a piece of real estate. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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