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If Selling Homes Was The Only Skill Needed…Realtor success would be a whole lot easier.

What if the only thing you needed to have a successful career in real estate was the ability to sell homes. I can see 2 schools of thought on this statement.  The first would argue that selling homes is basically what Realtors do.  That your success depends on your ability to be a good salesman.  That’s the foundation and root of your success as a real estate agent, and if you don’t have it you better team up with someone who does.  The second might argue that there is soooo much more to a Realtor than selling homes.  That in todays world you need to be able to read scripts, have a huge database and sphere, and have systems and processes and a team in place to make your career a success.

What if its both?  And maybe lets land somewhere in the middle as well.  Meaning, that sales skills are needed.  And systems and processes are a huge help.  But aren’t both of those categories a subset of having sound business building skills?  Being a business owner includes everything mentioned above and then some.  Toss into the mix metrics and analytics, marketing and branding skills, communication and technology proficiency, and everything else that a “company” would need to be successful.  You guessed it, you are a business owner.  You are running a company within a company for all intensive purposes.

You have heard me say it before and I want to be clear.  A Realtor is so much more than a salesman.  The worst feeling i have ever had related to the publics perception of my career is when i was at dinner and a gentleman asked what i did for a living and proceeded to compare me to a used car salesman…the bad kind.  Not only the connotation of being underhanded and a cheat, but simply a salesman.  There is so much more to our craft of being a successful Realtor.  We want to show you how to grow in every area that could enhance your business. – Careers – Meet The Broker