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Is It Time For A New Direction In Your Real Estate Career?

This might be the most ridiculous question at this time of year and in this type of real estate market to even ask this question.  Chances are you are killing it right now!  Not only is the national market great for Realtors, but most places around the United States are experiencing a seasonal upswing in Spring and heading into Summer.  Why in the world would you even think to look, investigate, talk to, or entertain a new brokerage or real estate team for your career?  Why now?  If things are going great, why rock the boat as they say?  In most respects, i totally agree with you, but let me give you some food for thought.  If you could take just a day and look back to really evaluate your business, are you set up for success for the long term?

Support & Coaching:  Broker support and coaching is invaluable tool to have.  If it wasn’t there before your sales starting pick up, what is the likely hood it will be there after?  You need to be bale to communicate and get ahold of your manager or broker not only in the slow times, but especially in the fast paced busy season like you may be experiencing right now.

Value:  It’s hard to mess up in a great market.  The proof is when the market slows down and you find value maybe not so much from your firms name (aka franchise name), but more in the culture and training that you get from your firms leadership.  Will someone come along side you with a strategy that will work in the good times and bad.  That will push you for more success and give you opportunities that will grow.  Are they wanting to bring value to you for your career trajectory in real estate because they want to see you succeed, and succeed in the way you want?

Money:  I really hate to make it about this, because it’s really not.  There are some great plans and structures out there that are all about the best commission plan for agents.  The goal is to find the optimal and maximum commission plan that blends with the right culture and leadership you want to work with.  There is a sweet-spot for your real estate career that will work best for you and keep you passionate.  There will always be a 100% brokerage around the corner (and make sure to read the fine print on what “100%” really means) -but the question is are you being under paid now for the value you are bringing? Or; are you going to be over paid in commission on transactions that are few and far between?

You may think that now is not the time – but Realtor, it might be the very best time to find out. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa