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Is There Something Better? #RealtorsReflect Pt. 1

I want to try and really start this new blog series that we will title “Realtors Reflect” with a brutal honesty about your career and possibly your business as whole.  I have a dual meaning in the title and topic for this blog article for #realtors, and both are very important when reflecting on your current business and career as a real estate professional.  No matter if you have been in the business for a year, or 20 years, we should always be taking inventory and stock of our business.  Do we still love what we do?  Do we have a passion for it and do we embrace the changes that flow and adapt our business accordingly?  Do we know we are in the best position and company for growth?  All these are really annual questions (if not daily) to be asking ourselves about our real estate business.

The first impression I hope you glean from our topic is that you need to stop and look and assess your current situation.  Meaning, where you work and carry out your business.  What brokerage or company you are affiliated with and how you have structured your real estate business, and what pros and cons you have in your current place of business.  I honestly believe that every real estate agent should be consistent in taking a hard look at how their brokerage is helping or hurting their potential for real estate success.  And then take the next step in researching and talking to other brokerages to compare and contrast.  This goes back to the right “fit” for your career as a Realtor.  It may, or may not be, where you are currently at.  But you will never no unless taking stock of your current business and affiliation and keeping it top of mind.  As your business grows and evolves, what worked for you last year may not this year.  Now I am not saying jump ship and move every time things seem rough or because you think the grass is greener with a new commission structure.  I’m talking about honestly finding true alignment for your values, definition of success, and strategic growth plan when it comes to what company you grow your business with.  And even in some cases, that may mean starting your own.

The second impression I want you to see what relating to the topic of this blog is that something better could be on the horizon for you.  I meant that in the most empathetic way possible.  I really think an annual (if not daily) question should be if you really love and are passionate about what you do in real estate.  No matter if you have only been in the business this year or for 20 years, are you happy?  Do you still love the fact that you are a Realtor professional and your career is in this industry?  I think its a hard question, but the most important.  Why waste your life doing something you aren’t passionate about, or worse, hate?  Why just go through the motions?  There is so much opportunity in our current day and age to pursue and monetize your passions.  If real estate is not one of them, the stop.  The nature of this business and our basic service to work with clients for quite possibly the largest purchase(s) of their lives, means they deserve our utmost best version of ourselves.  That’s my belief and why I am so passionate about your career in real estate.  I want you to want, love, and grow your real estate business with enthusiasm.

So the moral of the story really falls on looking inward with all these questions.  No one is going to answer them for you when it really comes down to it.  In this blog series for the next few weeks, you will need to ask some hard questions – and more important, answer some hard questions about this great profession we call real estate. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa