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My primary job as your BIC, Broker, Manager, Leader, Owner, etc. is not to motivate you.  Especially in Real Estate from an industry perspective.  If i have to motivate, then you may be in the wrong profession (just being honest).  But, a role I take very seriously, as should every Broker and manager, is the role and primary objective of helping each agent execute to their fullest potential.  Ultimately, that fullest potential is decided by you, the Realtor, but if you are in a company that is not helping your execution, and in turn your success, I would advise taking a deep assessment of whether you are in the right place for your career or not.

Motivation, especially external motivation, is very appealing but ultimately short-lived and useless if not turned into action – and the only person who can direct that decision stares you in the mirror everyday.  But scaling your execution can come from the people, environment, and resources around you.  So surround yourself with the best that you can find to grow your real estate career and success.