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One thing i am learning more and more everyday is that our life is too short to not do something we love every single day.  To not love your career, no matter what it is, is a severe waste of this God given life that is ever so brief.  In our current world and culture there is no reason you can’t monetize your passion.  You should drop everything to be in a career you love – or at least work towards it.  If Real Estate is just a job to get by, or an easy way to make money, but you aren’t really passionate about it – get out now.  Stop reading this and quit.

If you love your career in real estate, then make sure the environment (your office/company) is also one in which you can thrive, grow, succeed, and you actually love.  Love your brand, love your culture, love the mission of the place you are affiliated with and hang your license at.  It will only serve to grow your career without a ceiling.

Love your leadership.  Love your BIC.  Love your manager.  Do you have support, coaching, resourcing for your business?  Do you have the support to grow your career the way you want?

I love my everything of everyday – do you?